Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology & Sports Complex (SurTech) is dedicated to academic excellence, providing high-quality technical education, training, and expertise in a variety of industries, and engineering programmes, enhancing students' inherent abilities, capabilities, and thought processes while also promoting their engineering and technological skills. We are committed to meeting the criteria and improving the efficacy of our quality management system on a continuous basis.


  • To focus on the students' total development by increasing their technological and managerial skills, as well as their leadership talents, and to guarantee that they are well-rounded.
  • To foster an environment that promotes effective teaching, active learning, and purposeful research for economic progress.
  • Incorporating value-added programmes into the curriculum and increasing students' job chances.
  • To review the effectiveness of the institute's programmes on a regular basis, considering the demands of the industry and other areas of employment, and responding positively to those needs.
  • To expose students to the difficulties of the twenty-first century while also giving opportunities for them to think creatively and display entrepreneurship abilities to contribute effectively to the nation's growth.
  • To provide research creation, consulting, testing, and customised training to satisfy the industry's specific demands, thereby encouraging students to pursue self-employment and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide cutting-edge technological infrastructure and to inspire students to reach their full potential.
  • To foster mutually beneficial collaboration with industry, other institutions, and organisations.
  • To ensure that the Quality Management System is continually improved.
  • Benchmarking the institution against top institutions on a regular basis to adopt best practises for quality improvement.