1. Green Marine Engineering

    With the goals of zero carbon footprint on marine life, minimizing the usage of fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emission and Easy availability and extraction of fuel, Jeet Mukherjee, Subhranshu Chakrabarti, Abradeep Mukherjee, Trijit Das and Sayantan Ghosh has conceptualized an idea to extract Hydrogen Gas which can be used as a fuel for several usages. 

  2. Automatic solar tracking without power consumption

    Anurag Shaw from the Department of Robotics Engineering has developed an idea to track the solar radiation to increase the efficiency of the solar panels as they are generally fixed at a particular angle thus, they cannot convert power as efficiently as they can when the sun rays are not perpendicular to the solar cells.

  3. A sensor based on traffic detection & resolution system

    Soham Banerjee, Aritra Adhikary, Kaustav Sharma, Oishika Sarkar and Tithi Paul, the students of Computer Science and Engineering Department have conceptualized an idea to develop a sensor based on traffic detection and resolution system by using detour discovery and calculation algorithms to determine which road will be better to take.

  4. Implementation of CNN to recognize handwritten documents

    Akash Gupta, Anuskha Maity, Ashwani Kumar Singh (3rd Year), Subayu Bose have developed a concept which focuses on the theory of text recognition from handwritten documents and represent the document in system-based fonts.

  5. Portable oxygen delivery system in Wheel Chairs

    Ayan Bag, Biswadeep Mukherjee, Sayak Roy and Joydeep Roychowdhury has developed an idea where oxygen supply will be ensured always and thereafter it is embedded in the Wheel Chair itself so that there’s no requirement of carrying the oxygen supplying device along with the Wheel Chair. 

  6. Kinetic road

    Swarnajyoti Pal, Kashmita nath Sarkar, Saheli Kundu, Sourja Chowdhury, Debadri Saha, Tarun kanti Dutta has conceptualized an idea of generating electricity from the vehicular motions in a road by using piezoelectric sensors.