Sardar Taranjit Singh
Managing Director

Sardar Taranjit Singh

In its broadest meaning, education is any act or experience that shapes a person's mind, character, or physical abilities. Technically, education is the deliberate transmission of society's acquired knowledge, skills, and values from generation to generation. Thus, education is the basic fulcrum that drives societal growth.

The quality of education is clearly the priority in this era of globalization. Quality is not a single metric.

A good educational institution works to maintain and improve quality in all areas of operation.

I believe that a teacher may shape an educated and socially responsible human being by instilling two traits in students: curiosity and determination. Second, a teacher's noble life becomes a light for students when they establish strong values and put them into practice.

SurTech's objective to provide the best studying, teaching, and research possibilities for students and academics is to provide students with modern knowledge and strong values.

Our students find the thrill and rigor of new discoveries, and develop skills of investigation, evaluation, and communication that will serve them well in their jobs and lives.

Students' creativity, teamwork, and international competition thrive. SurTech is committed to academic independence and cultural diversity to attract students and teachers.

At Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology & Sports Complex (SurTech), we try to establish an environment that inspires personal and professional progress. Our efforts are focused on recognizing and understanding human talent and enthusiasm. SurTech is thus about “how we can best educate our students to confront the future's challenges”.

With a 160-year tradition of academic achievement, scientific advancements, and high-tech innovation. I urge you to seize this fantastic chance and join us actively contributing to the globalization of our society.

With these remarks, I welcome everyone to SurTech and wish them every success on their new adventure with us.

Sardar Taranjit Singh
MD, JIS Group