• To create awareness among all Students/Employees.
  • To prohibit the unwelcome behavior that constitutes workplace sexual harassment or acts amounting to sexual harassment of any Students/ Employee

Internal Complaint Committee is hereby reconstituted with the following members

Sl No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Saradindu Panda, Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Vivek Shaw, Asst. Prof., Dept. of BSH Convener
3 Mr. Amrita Chadha, PA to Principal, Dept. of Admin Member
4 Ms. Dazy Rani, Asst. Registrar, Dept. of Admin Member
5 Ms. Madhusmita Mishra, Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE Member
6 Mr. Anirbit Sengupta, Asst. Prof. (TIC), Dept. of ECE Member
7 Dr. Biswajit Gayen, Asst. Prof. (TIC), Dept. of BSH Member
8 Ms. Rinku Supakar, Asst. Prof. (TIC), Dept. of CSE Member
9 Mr. Anirban Chowdhury, Asst. Prof. (TIC), Dept. of EE Member
10 Dr. Ruma Sen, Asst. Prof.(TIC), Dept. of ME Member
11 Mr. Kalyan Mukherjee, Asst. Prof., Dept. Of AUE Member
12 Mr. Souradeep Roy, Lecturer, Dept. of CE Member
13 Ms. Sarmila Das, Advocate, High Court External Member
14 Mr. Niladri Ash, 2nd Year Student, Dept. of CSE Student
15 Mr. Sayandeep Das, , 3rd Year Student, Dept. of EE Student
16 Mr. Suvradip Banerjee, , 4th Year Student, Dept. of CE Student
17 Mr. Supriya Dhara, TA, Dept. of AUE Member