Institutional Distinctiveness

An educational institution's mission, vision, values, academic programs, and support services define its institutional identity.
The Institute prioritizes student holistic development and provides every opportunity and resource to do so.
The Institute started with 240 UG students in 2009. It presently accepts 480 UG students and 27 PG students after years of rapid expansion.
Four of six eligible UG programs are NBA-accredited. The Institute ranks 250–350 in NIRF's Innovation Ranking.
The founder's foresight inspired Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology and Sports Complex's purpose.
With almost 14 years of service, the institution has reaffirmed its aim of ‘to be a leading global technological institute that creates leaders & innovators and generates new knowledge for society & industry via transformative education’. DSCSITSC Research & Innovation Cell (SRIC) fulfils the objective by connecting students, society, and environment through multidimensional, student-centred learning beyond curriculum.
NAAC promotes quality education and NBA prescribes outcome-based education to educate students holistically.
Student-cantered activities at the institute promote complete student development. It includes intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth.

Intellectual Growth:

The institute applies university curriculum using well-planned, efficient teaching and learning activities and cutting-edge pedagogy.
The institute regularly discovers curriculum gaps and provides training beyond the syllabus.
Students focus on social and industrial challenges through minor and large projects and complex problem solving. Students explore working environments through regular industry tours and internships.

DSCSITSC robust empirical learning program explains its uniqueness. Active participation in hands-on activities helps pupils learn and grow. Computer skills, professional training, personality development, soft skill development, communication skills, event planning, decision-making abilities, and confidence building enable empirical learning.
Mentors, professionals, industry experts, and innovators teach students Automation Tools, Ethical Hacking, Graphic Designing tools and current trends modern technologies within their academic curriculum. This prepares them for industry ready.

Finishing School trains students to be top professionals. Students become more comfortable in debates, group discussions, and interviews. Students learn professional etiquette.
Confidence-building training prepares students for placement interviews and other challenges.
Students improve their talents with enrichment lectures, communication skills, and personality development seminars. Results include students' overall personality development.
Students get new ideas and improve their academic and professional research skills through case studies, research, and projects. Students are encouraged to contact firms for industrial projects.
Model displays and Exhibitions, student clubs’ activities, conferences, and techno-cultural events encourage the hands-on learning.
The college's Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Science & Technology Club, Innovation Cell, SRIC and Start-ups help students to innovate their original unique ideas using creative skills through Idea-o-Meter Platform.
The aspiring college students are motivated by the R&D Cell & Literary Committee to publish their creative research & project outcomes and literary works in the Books, journals, and college periodicals.

Social Growth:

DSCSITSC students engage in experiential learning through community service. Students make the connection between academic and cognitive development and personal and social growth during this phase. It aids in the development of compassionate, responsible citizens who strive for social fairness among students.

The institute understands that in addition to their academic talents, students require platforms to improve their physical, social, and cultural competencies.

The institute has put in place several extension initiatives aimed at fostering social skills among students. These pursuits encompass volunteer work, social awareness campaigns, internships, and community service initiatives. Through these experiences, students deepen their understanding of the social concerns affecting their community, acquire empathy and compassion for others, and discover the importance of giving back to society. In addition, they acquire leadership, cooperation, and communication skills—all necessary for success in any line of work. The institute's extension programs are thoughtfully crafted to give students relevant experiences that enable them to apply what they have learned in the classroom to actual circumstances.
During COVID-19, students coordinated vaccinations and handed out hand sanitizers.

Students assisted with community development, cleaned, visited social welfare centres, and gave food and clothing. These student-led courses teach social skills, responsibilities, and the harsh truths of life.
Considering societal issues and their resolutions: Local socioeconomic issues are taught through the Institute's National Service Scheme. Student leaders support Swatch Bharat, women's health, and female feticide. Students cleaned their houses and streets on Gandhi Jayanthi and planted seedlings at home in honour of World Environment Day.

Handicrafts, cakes, bags, stars, and student-made objects made from garbage are all sold during the Festival Fair.

Students can take part in a variety of cultural events and activities at the institute, including debate competitions, music and dance performances, drama and short film production, instrumental skills, radio jock skills showcase, literary skills showcased through publishing posters, essays, magazines, and artwork exhibitions.


Physical Growth:

Through physical exercises, the institute imparts knowledge on mental toughness, decision-making, confidence, teamwork, and fitness.
The institute features facilities for football, cricket, shooting, and badminton both indoors and outdoors.

The institute holds student competitions in several sports each year, including carom, chess, football, volleyball, throw ball, kabaddi, and table tennis. These sports teach cooperation and sportsmanship to both boys and girls.

The institute observes International Yoga Day every year. Outdoor sports, yoga, and aerobics are taught in the village Unnat Bharat Abhijan Scheme camps run by the institute.


Emotional Growth:

The institute values the emotional intelligence of its students. At least twice a week, mentor-mentee meetings take place. Students can talk to the mentor about their academic and personal struggles during meetings. Students in need are assisted by a qualified counsellor. The institute offers top-notch instruction, supplementary resources, software training, support for extracurricular activities like sports and the arts, and more to create individuals who are capable, well-rounded, and socially conscious and who have the power to transform the world. These activities support the general development of the institute.

 As a result, DSCSITSC graduates put in a lot of work, take ownership of their actions even after they pass away, and demonstrate that they are capable of academic success as well as moral and spiritual advancement and social engagement. Everywhere they go, they leave their mark.