The Central Library began its existence in 2009. Since then, it has grown in size and content along with the Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology & Sports Complex to take the present Shape. The Library has more than 42,000 books (according to Accession Register), 07 Newspaper and 07 Journals and Magazines are purchased by the Library on regular basis. Besides these, 02 carrier oriented journals and 01 carrier oriented newspapers are purchased regularly for students so that they make prepare themselves for different competitive examinations.

Capable of accommodating 90 students, the DSCSITSC Library have CD-ROMS, E-journal, E-Books, magazines, Newspaper, B.O.G. reports, subject dictionaries, career guide books, ready references and previous years’ question papers (Online + offline). The library provides a free and congenial atmosphere for sharing awareness, wisdom and information.

The whole Library is under the surveillance of CCTV.

The following are the primary goals of our Library:

  1. To help broaden the minds of the students and improve their command over the subjects.
  2. To promote a knowledge driven community
  3. To keep the student aware of the latest development around the world through the academic magazines and periodicals.


Item Title Volumes
Books 3100+ 42,000+
Career Guidance Books 23 41
Dictionary 02 04
Journals 07 -
Magazines 08 -
Newspapers 08 -

Library Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The library remains open on all the working days except Sunday & College notified holidays.

a. Reading Room 10 am to 6 pm
b. Reference Section 10 am to 6 pm
c. Journal and Career Guidance 10 am to 6 pm
d. Internet Section  10 am to 5.45 pm
e. Lending Section  10 am to 6 pm
f.  Library Cash Section 10 am to 5 pm

Overdue & Loss of Books

  • For overdue of Books- Per day ₹2/- 
  • For Damage or loss of books- Replacement by new copy of the same document.

Library Rules & Regulations

Library of Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology & Sports Complex welcomes to all its members to use the library. To ensure a good library-environment and to enable the users to have as productive as possible in the library, we ask users to abide by the following policies & regulations. However, we expect, all members should exercise self-discipline, respect and consideration for others when using the Library.

General Policies for the Students:

  • Students must carry their College Identity Card with them at all times in a Library. Show their cards if a member of staff requests them to do so and it is compulsory to shown at the time of Issue/ Return of books.
  • In case of misprint/ fade of photograph on your Identity Card, student have to show another photo ID proof (PAN Card, DL, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card and Passport etc.) to prove your identity. 
  • Demanded books will be not re-issued and not interchanged. 
  • Broken ID Cards are not accepted in the library for issuing the books.  
  • Damaged, marked, misplaced pages etc. of the book should be brought in the notice of Library In-Charge at the time of issuing otherwise person who get it issued last time will be responsible.
  • Books can be recalled any time in case of an urgent demand for the same, by the other users.
  • Loss of Library cum ID cards and books should be reported to Librarian immediately in written.
  • For lost or damaged book (e.g., Torned, page missing, loss of binding and wet book etc.), patron must pay two times cost of the book along with overdue and other charges as applicable.
  • Entire volume cost is recovered for the document which is a part of multi volumes/ issue set.
  • Students are also requested to clear their over-due books before commencing your End Term Examinations, otherwise Library will forward your dues to your concerned School for further actions.
  • Silence shall be observed strictly in the Library Room
  • All the students shall produce their identity cards at the entrance of the stack room.
  • Personal books, files and notebook will be allowed inside the Library Reading Room. All other belongings (especially bags) are to be deposited at the security desk. The students shall have to take care of their belongings. Library authorities will not take any responsibility for their safe keeping under any circumstances.
  • Before entering the library, the students must switch off their cell phones.
  • Students can borrow TWO books only at a time for READING purpose.
  • Tearing of sheets from books and newspapers is strictly prohibited and is punishable. Members must satisfy themselves whether the books are in good condition before they leave the counter. If any damage is noticed, the same must be immediately intimated to the library authorities. Otherwise, they will be held responsible for any damage.
  • Books issued for reading purpose are to be returned on the same day of issue and certainly within the library hours.
  • Students who will not return the issued books within the same day will be penalized (he/she will not get any books for reading and lending purposes even for the next semester).
  • Library Reading Room will be open on Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM and on Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.
  •  Students found to be violating any library rules or misbehaving in any way or disturbing other readers by conversation or otherwise causing disturbance/annoyance to others, will not be allowed to remain in the reading room and their cards are liable to forfeiture.
  • The Readers have free access to books and periodicals which are on the open shelves.
  • Students can enter or borrow books from library against Library Card / Identity Card only.
  • Students can be issued FOUR books for 20 days only for LENDING purpose.
  • Books must be returned by the due date failing which delay fine will be charged at the rate of Rs.2/- per day from the next month / semester.
  • Fine must be cleared before borrowing new books.
  • Fine can be reduced or remitted on reasonable and sufficient grounds by the Principal only at the specific and duly justified recommendation of the librarian.
  • Fine will be taken at the rate of 50 paisa per day at the exam time (from 15 days before the semester examination and up to the end of the examination with a grace period of two days).
  • The loan period of books can be extended. The due date can be extended for 10 days twice only.
  • Only those books which are for lending purpose can be borrowed. Reference books will not be issued, but will be available for study within the Library.
  •  In the event of any book being lost, it shall be replaced by another copy by the concerned and overdue charges will be realized from the borrower. In case the borrower is unable to replace, one and a half times the cost of book along with overdue charges, if any, will be collected from the borrower.
  •  In case of any book the current price of which is not available or the book itself has become out of print the price to be realized from the reader will be at the rate of 10% increase in price per year from the date of its procurement subject to the maximum of three times its original price as recorded in the library accession register. The reader, however, is at liberty to replace the book within 45 days.
  •  The cost of the complete set may have to be paid for the loss of a single volume of the set, if it is not available separately.
  •  In case of theft or torn pages of the Library books/periodicals the replacement charge must be paid at the rate of 10 times the original cost of the document subject to a maximum of Rs 2000/- .In case the original cost of the book/periodical is more than Rs. 2000/-, the borrower must pay the original cost plus Rs.500/-as penalty. The person involved in either case may also be debarred from his/her library facilities depending on the seriousness of the offense.
  •  Final year students should return all the books borrowed from the library and surrender library cards on completion of the course and obtain “No Dues Certificate” from the Librarian, failing which refund of caution money will be withheld.
  • All members associated with the college should obtain Library Clearance from the Library before leaving.

General Rules for the Faculty & Staff Member

  • Faculty / Staff can borrow books from library against Library Card / Identity Card only.
  • Faculty / Staff can be issued maximum TEN books for ONE SEMESTER only.
  • Books must be returned on the due date and certainly before starting of the new semester at the latest.
  • When a .book is in high demand and not available in the ready stock of library, the faculty member has to return the book within seven days from the intimation given by the Librarian to this effect.
  • Only those books that are for the lending purpose can be borrowed. Reference books not meant for lending will not be issued.
  • Faculty and Staff members are requested to return or renew the overdue books within specified time limit.
  • Library cards are not transferable. Library card must be returned before leaving the job.
  • Lost or damaged books must be paid for at the rate determined by the library authorities or must be replaced by the borrower within the date specified by the Librarian.
  • Faculty / Staff can borrow FIVE books only at a time for the purpose of READING.
  • Books issued for reading purpose are to be returned on the same day of issue and within the library hours i.e., from 10 AM to 6 PM on Monday to Friday and from 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday.
  • Visiting Faculty can also borrow books for the purpose of reading only and the books borrowed must be returned on the same day.
  • All members associated with the college should obtain Library Clearance from the Library before leaving.

General Rules for the Visitors

  • Visitor or guest member from other academic or research institute are allowed to use the library only for a short period with the prior permission from the Librarian.
  • Guest member is required to produce proof of identification.
  • Borrowing facility is not available to visitors.

 Book Banks

  • Separate Book Banks facilities are  maintained in the Library for the benefit of the students.
  • In this Book Bank facilities one book per subject in the Curriculum will be issued to the students for each semester.
  • After the Completion of the exam, students will have to return these books in proper manner.
  • No further Book bank facilities will not be provided until student will no return the previous semester Book Bank Books.
  • Open Access System:-

Open access system is followed in our College Library where in the users are allowed to go directly to the racks and select the books of their choice for issue and reference.

  • Digital Library:-

A digital Library with internet facility (free of cost) is maintained in the College Library for use by the students and staff.
Online Journals are available with the Digital Library. Our library is a member of National Digital Library (NDL) and authorized to access. bibliographic records of books & periodicals in NDL databases.
In addition to the above, NPTEL Video courses on Various Engineering & Core Science subjects developed by  IITs & IISc Bangalore are also accessible to the users in our Digital Library.

  • Reprographic facility:-

A Xerox machine is available with the college library. All the students are allowed to get Xerox copies in the library by submitting Xerox coupons. (One coupon of Rs 1/- per one Xerox copy) purchased from college office.

  • Departmental library book issue process
  • Departmental library of the ECE department is operational & the books are issued by the in-charge regularly for daily reference purposes.
  • Department library books are not allowed to be taken to home. Final year students are also allowed to use this library for their project purposes.


  • Library Procurement:


  • Faculty members are encouraged to check the Library after their subjects have been assigned to see if their required books are available. If the desired books are not accessible in the Library, they must submit a book recommendation form to the Library as soon as possible (Approved by the corresponding HODs).
  • To maintain the Library's standard, faculties are asked to avoid using local publication books.
  • Faculty are asked to provide their appropriate book quantity in accordance with the library's "One Copy per Five Students" policy. If the entire syllabus has been covered.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to choose books to meet the needs of their respective topics in a cost-effective manner. If the cost of your required book exceeds Rs. 5000/-, the library will only purchase one copy.
  • Expensive books are purchased based on the requirements of the Department; there are no price constraints.
  • To meet the library book requirements of departments, the same will be purchased in accordance with department, quantity of volumes and title.
  • Faculty are also asked not to publicize any certain author's book for their subject (due to limited copies in the library), and instead suggest another author's book to students.
  • Within a week, the Library will compile a final list of books (after cross-checking for duplication) and gain clearance from the appropriate authority, after which it will be forwarded to the Procurement Department.

e-Journals/Journals & Magazines:

  • Before placing them in the Library committee meeting, the department-by-department list of print and e-Journals is compiled and given to the respective HODs.
  • Newly necessary journals, magazines, and e-journals will be subscribed to according to the calendar year.
  • Review the usage statistics for previously subscribed Journals/e-Journals to see if they should be renewed or not.
  • Previous year's journals, magazines, standards, and Acts issues, among other things, will be purchased as needed.
  • Security Measures:

The Library is maintaining strict systems to preserve the books and other resources under CCTV Surveillance.