Serial No. Title Program Theme Start Date End Date Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge
1 Innovative Idea Competition 2019 Innovation     The projects submitted by the students covered working models of the following broad areas: Robotics application, Railway Automation System, Laser light based security system,
Renewable Energy, Sensor
2 Organise a workshop/Seminar/Call for Paper presentation on Innovation/Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Other 03/05/2020 03/06/2020 Enhancement of technical knowledge of students, Technical paper writing skills of students
3 Webinar on theme PLC & SCADA Startup 05/08/2020 05/08/2020 Introduction to PLC & PLC Wiring Diagram,PLC Addressing & Relay Logic vs Ladder Logic , Simulation of basic digital logic gates   ,combinational circuit ,sequential circuit ,PLC Timer ,PLC Counter
,Mathematical block ,Introduction to SCADA ,SCADA applicat
4 Webinar on Diesel Particulate Filter: For Better Exhaust Air Quality Innovation 05/15/2020 05/15/2020 The webinar was exclusively based on the Diesel Particulate Filters, which is a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars.
5 International Webinar on Interdisciplinary research- opportunity and future scope Innovation 05/07/2020 05/07/2020 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Importance of Python and other languages , Learning experience of Python ,Programming Correlation between Real life application using AI & ML,  Real-world application used by reputed companies Care
6 Webinar on the theme &ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITH MACHINE LEARNING Innovation 05/07/2020 05/07/2020 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Importance of Python and other languages , Learning experience of Python ,Programming Correlation between Real life application using AI & ML,  Real-world application used by reputed companies Care
7 Webinar on Turbochargers and Necessity of BS-VI Innovation 05/03/2020 05/03/2020 a detailed description of the present Automobile Vehicle Pollution Control Norms or BS-VI specifically
8 Webinar on “PEGA :Customer Engagement and Intelligent Automation Startup 05/02/2020 05/02/2020 to be well informed about the trends and recent technology that are dominating the industry. This will be very helpful while choosing the career path and will help them to be on the top of the game. Pega is one such technology which is still considered as
9 Webinar on Application of fluid mechanics in designing microsink Entrepreneur ship 05/01/2020 05/01/2020 to explained the basics of boundary layer equations and then elaborated the theory and concepts of entry flow in ducts and separation of boundary layer and its control.
10 Webinar on “Agile Project Management “ Startup 05/01/2020 05/01/2020 Iterative project management from linear, Different life cycle models. Common myths and misconceptions around agile ,Scrum from your Sprint.
11 Webinar on the theme Reliability of Industrial Components Innovation 05/01/2020 05/01/2020 The webinar was entirely based on the practical experiences of Automobile Industries of analyzing the reliability of Industrial Components. The session started with the initial discussions of theoretical concepts of measuring reliability. Then, some case
12 Online debate competition on Hospitals: Most Secured Shelters for COVID-19 Patients Innovation 04/30/2020 04/30/2020 Role of hospitals during this pandemic. Treatment facilities and other provisions available for patients.
Services rendered by medical staff. Distinct differences between home quarantine and being hospitalised.          Threats and risks along with
13 Webinar on Weak Forces: Backbone of Biological System Innovation 04/30/2020 04/30/2020 Ø Weak interaction in Chemistry  Ø Definition and their applications  Ø Weak forces of interaction in Proteins  Ø Weak forces of interaction in DNA  Ø Weak forces of interaction in Cellulose  Ø Role of weak forces of interaction in cell structure  Ø Drug-
14 Webinar on Cyber Awareness & Digital Security Innovation 04/29/2020 04/29/2020 How secure is your password and How to keep your password safe even without using numbers and special characters.   Why it is not important to reveal each and every information about yourself on social media. How our search history is related to the type
15 Webinar on “Automotive Performance Development” Innovation 04/29/2020 04/29/2020 Ms. Adrita Roy gave a brief insight on the automotive industry, she then went on explaining why the development and validation process of a product is necessary and what are the processes involved in the development process.
16 Webinar on “Automotive Industry- Future & Opportunity” Innovation 04/26/2020 04/26/2020 Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Choudhary gave an insight on the automotive industry and how much the industry contributes to the GDP of India. He further went on explaining the job opportunities in such industries, at present the industries generates about thirty five percentgae of the total GDP.
17 INDUSTRY MEET Startup     The webinar was started with an introduction with Guest Speakers followed by Welcome Speech and wisdom words by Dr.Om Prkash Sharma, Principal. The deliberation of the industrial meet proceeded as follows;  1). Dr Pulak Munshi , Director of M.N.Dastur Co
18 Webinar on Genetic Algorithm Innovation 04/24/2020 04/24/2020 During the session Dr. P. Mahapatra explained the concepts of Genetic Algorithm and then elaborated the theory on why the GA are the heuristic search and optimization techniques that mimic the process of natural evolution. His session and explanation was
19 Webinar on the theme The Roar of the Engines : COVID 19 and Beyond Entrepreneur ship 04/24/2020 04/24/2020 Mr. Chakraborty started this session discussing the facts and figures of how COVID 19 has affected the Automobile Industries. Mr. Chakraborty focused on the different strategies that can be adopted by different companies to recover from this sudden shock.
20 Webinar on Electrical Machine Design using E-CAD Entrepreneur ship 04/24/2020 04/24/2020 What is AutoCAD ? Familiarisation with User Interface Basic tools & their use for Electrical Drawing & Design Development of Sectional View of a Machine Illustration of different design aspects of Machines Q&A Session
21 Webinar on ” Vehicle/Product Development Cycle Entrepreneur ship 04/23/2020 04/23/2020 During the session Mr. Padmesh Sewda explained why there is a need for a product development, the importance of the product development cycle and how its failure brings a catastrophic effect to the company.
22 A Webinar by Architect on Building Planning and role of Architecture in Civil Engineering Entrepreneur ship 04/20/2020 04/20/2020 The terminology of  Building Planning like  open space, FAR, Ground Coverage, Ht of the building, light and ventilation , Fire protection system in buildings etc.
23 Online Coding Contest Innovation 04/18/2020 04/18/2020 In order to promote coding skill and attitude of the students.  Competitive Programming teaches  a person to find the easiest solution in the quickest possible way. Coding enhances problem-solving and debugging skills giving is the real-time fun of buddi
24 Webinar on Potential job opportunities in Metal Industries Startup 04/17/2020 04/17/2020 During the session on potential job opportunities in metal industries, Professor Goutam Sutradhar explained the basic concepts of Foundry and demonstrated the future potential of the same.
25 Webinar on Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation 04/15/2020 04/15/2020 What is IoT ? Introduction & History Different Internet Protocols Different components of IoT Description of a system controlled by IoT Description & functioning of different IoT based systems viz.Happy Fork, Smart ToothBrush, My VessylCup, Smart Egg Tray
26 3-D Printer Webinar on Theme Introduction to 3-D printing/Additive Manufacturing Entrepreneur ship     it started with the basics of 3-D Printing and explained how a product can be manufactured using different techniques. the various techniques of 3-D printing very minutely and also described the differences between them.
27 Webinar on Auto CAD and CATIA Entrepreneur ship 04/13/2020 04/13/2020 During the session on Auto CAD, Mr. Soumyadip Sarkar explained the basic concepts of AutoCAD and demonstrated the practical usage of the same.
Further he also engaged in interactive brainstorming sessions to help the students to have better understanding
28 Applications of Metallurgical Principles and Concepts used in Automotive Component Production Industries Innovation 04/13/2020 04/13/2020 The expert Mr. Ghoshal discussed the basic metallurgical principles and processes which are used in the production of Automotive Components.
29 Webinar on Mobile Technology(2G, 3G, 4G) \; Innovation 04/11/2020 04/11/2020 ·          Introduction to Wireless Communication System.  ·          Mobile Telecom System Architecture  ·
Communication using 2G, 3G and 4G Architecture
30 Webinar on Theme: Utilisation of online platform in school Teaching Innovation 04/11/2020 04/11/2020 ·          Introduction to the different online platforms used in teaching.  ·          Advantages and
Disadvantages of online platforms in teaching methodology.  ·          Choosing an appropriate platform as per requirements for teaching a
particular subject
31 Webinar by Industry Expert on Summer Internship Program along with Microsoft Certification Innovation 04/10/2020 04/10/2020 Introduction to online project based summer training program.
Demonstration done on criterion, selection process and patterns of questions in every round of campus interview of reputed companies like TCS, Infosys etc.
32 Advances in Automobile Engineering Industries: EGR, SCR and Electric Vehicles Innovation 04/08/2020 04/08/2020 The webinar was enlightened by the lecture of Industry expert Mr. Dolon Kr. Das, Faculty In-Charge (automobile Engineering) of Mukesh Training Academy.    Mr. Das discussed the developments in Automobile Industries from the perspective of pollution control.
33 Webinar on Building Construction and Bye Laws Entrepreneur ship 04/07/2020 04/07/2020 The presented topic mainly focused on the Building rules, regulations,  bye laws and the latest methodology followed in construction of buildings.
Video of the latest technology applied in construction was presented in the webinar.
34 Webinar on Machine Learning using Python Innovation 04/06/2020 04/06/2020 Introduction to Python Data Science & Machine Learning.  ·          Program discussion and objective discussion of the program  ·          Demonstration of
the output and graph plotting and discussion  ·
Real-world application of the progr
35 Webinar on Artificial Intelligence Innovation 04/04/2020 04/04/2020 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and environment creation.  ·          Discussion about
PyTorch and Kivy and their respective application  · Discussion about contemporary module for AI and
Deep Learning such as Tensorflow and OpenC
36 Webinar on Ethical Hacking Innovation 03/31/2020 03/31/2020 The main attraction was the live video on Ethical Hacking
37 6th Annual Competition organized by‘IMPULSE’ an IETE Student Forum Startup 03/04/2020 03/04/2020 Engineers are not only technocrats but also they are the treasure of hidden talents and innovations.
38 CR-E-ATIVE IDEA COMPETITION to combat CORONA DISEASE Innovation 04/10/2020 04/10/2020 Creative ideas in the form of
presentation/poetry/articles/songs etc in digital mode have been submitted by 40 student participants of EE department. All the students have shown great enthusiasm & dedication. It has been a
39 Webinar on theme “Nano materials : Prospects and Application for Green Energy Harvesting ” Innovation 04/27/2020 04/27/2020 In the webinar the speaker enlightened the 55+
attendees on the basic structure of Nanomaterials, how to build nanostructures as well as the applications of nanomaterials such as the Solar cell, Photodetectors, LED s, electronic devices such as
40 National Innovation and Startup Policy for Students and Faculty  2019 Innovation 04/28/2020 04/28/2020 Strategies and governance for promoting
entrepreneurship,Norms for students and faculty driven startups,Incubation and pre-incubation support,Incentives & rewards for students and faculty pursuing innovation and startups,IP
41 Session on Accelerator/Incubation - Opportunity for Student Faculty - Early Stage Entrepreneurs Startup 04/29/2020 04/29/2020 The difference between pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration,StThe service the incubator should provide.aff and funding for the incubator,  Mentoring and networking for the incubator,
42 Organise One/half day Interactive/online Session/Mentoring Session “Hangout with Successful Start ups” (Entrepreneurs in Campus ) Entrepreneur ship 04/30/2020 04/30/2020 Life of an Innovator cum Entrepreneur - Do’s and Don’ts,Lessons Learned and Opportunities and Achievements in Last 1 year,,Lessons Learned and Opportunities and Achievements in Last 1 year
43 Role of Network Enablers in driving in HEIs  - A Case of TiE, India Innovation 05/01/2020 05/01/2020 TiE Network and Chapters in India  Role of TIE as Ecosystem Enablers  Services and Collaboration Opportunities with HEIs to Drive I&E Ecosystem
44 Hangout with Successful Startup Founder and Learn on Design thinking Approach for Hardware Innovation Startup 05/04/2020 05/04/2020 Life of a Startup Founder and Myths and Hometake Messages, Learn Design thinking for Hardware Innovation
45 Entrepreneurship, Business Idea and Business Model Canavas Entrepreneur ship 05/05/2020 05/05/2020 Entrepreneurial Motivation  Empathy and Business Idea  Business Model Canvas
46 How to Identify Right Problem and Solution using the Double Diamond Approach in Design Innovation 05/06/2020 05/06/2020 What is Design thinking and importance of problem finding  Steps and Approaches of Double Diamond Process in design thinking  Tools in the Double Diamond process  Strategize product innovation and business offerings using design thinking
47 Organise One Day Awareness/Mentoring Session on IPR & IP Management for Innovation and Start-ups or Online Session on Intellectual Property (IP) Management at Early Stage of Innovation and Start-ups IPR 05/07/2020 05/07/2020 What is IP, Types and importance  How to Identify IP Component and Manage - Do's & Don't Where to Approach and Preparation Before Filing IP Commercilization of IP - Startup and Technology Transfer
48 Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding  - What is there for Early Stage Innovator & Entrepreneurs Startup 05/08/2020 05/08/2020 Right stage of innvation or startup to approach Angel or VC  What are the checklist before approach angle and VC fund  How to make backgroud check to identify Right Angel/ VC Agency  What are the stage of VC and angel funding
49 Organise One day Session on “How to plan for Start-up and legal and Ethical Steps” Entrepreneur ship 05/12/2020 05/12/2020 Legal and Ethical Steps  Productive Entrepreneurship and Startup
50 Innovating Self- Screen and Identify right opportunities Innovation 05/13/2020 05/13/2020 How to screen a situation and identify the challenges and opportunities  Role of HEIs and faculties in helping students to innovate
51 Understanding Role and Application of Marketing Research at Idea to StartUp Stage - Foundation Level Startup 05/14/2020 05/14/2020 What is Market Research  Importance of Market Research Strting from Idea to Startup Phase  Open Source Tools and Their Application
52 Innovation Risk Diagnostic: Product Innovation Rubric (PIR) Innovation 05/15/2020 05/15/2020 Understand the different risks inherent to Product Innovation and how you can validate the true market potential of the product innovation  Learn the fundamentals to help apply PIR, the diagnostic tool to evaluate and assess the potential of the Product I
53 Organise Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC) and (or) Business Plan Competition to Invite Innovative Business Models from Students Startup 05/19/2020 05/19/2020 Business Plan  New Enterprise Launching – addressing the key issues
54 Use of Market Data and Application of Marketing Research Tools and Methodology - Advance Level Innovation 05/20/2020 05/20/2020 Actually applying data and market research for survival  B2B and B2C case studies
55 Frugal Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur ship 05/21/2020 05/21/2020 Frugal Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship
56 Interaction with Student Innovators and Entrepreneurs Emerged from Smart India Hackathon (SIH) Innovation 05/22/2020   nteraction with Student Innovators and Entrepreneurs Emerged  Listen to Life Story of Winners of Smart India Hackathon (SIH)