PhD-Tech (NIT, DGP), M.Tech (VLSI, J.U), BE (UIT, BU)

Vice Chair, IEEE CASS Kolkata Section

IQAC Member of Swami Vivekananda College, Rahara, Ramakrishna Mission


About Principal Sir

Prof. (Dr.) Saradindu Panda

Stepping into the JIS Group of Institutions is stepping into a brighter world of education and a knowledge hub. It is worthwhile to take advantage of the opportunity to see the difference and enjoy the "joy of learning."

Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology (Formerly known as Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College) is one of India's top educational institutions, providing high-quality education to students with the goal of becoming a world-class technical education and scientific research institution.

The Institute was founded in 2009 by the JIS Group with the goal of developing and nurturing a new generation of young professionals who are prepared to face the ever-changing social, economic, and technological landscape of our country in order to build a more inclusive and sustainable society on a national and international scale.

Over the last decade, the Institute has evolved into a strong blend of cutting-edge infrastructure and tightly connected human resources dedicated to providing professional education with a focus on creativity and innovation.

‘SurTech’ has created a niche among the best technical institutes for its inspiring atmosphere for knowledge assimilation, generation, and dissemination with a feeling of social responsibility, human values, and concern for social commitment.

Students at ‘SurTech' are carefully groomed, and the ideals of hard work, discipline, and ethical professional practises are instilled in them throughout their time on school.

Campus life here emphasises the value of extracurricular activities in addition to academic learning, exposing students to a variety of fresh opportunities. All of this contributes to our student's development as a thoroughbred professional, well-suited to contribute in his chosen field while keeping an open mind to new ideas and concepts in industrial and technical breakthroughs.

At ‘SurTech,' we offer top-tier undergraduate education and research opportunities in cutting-edge engineering and technology fields, with a strong emphasis on leadership and innovation. Through Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits, Vocational Training (internships), student chapters of international professional groups, sponsored projects, and other means, students are able to meet with industry experts. We have superb faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and laboratories that correspond with the courses. Learning becomes a delightful experience thanks to the spacious green campus, excellent library, and tranquil atmosphere.

Our college is dedicated to offering high-quality engineering and technology education and training to prepare students for life and work while also preparing them to contribute to India's technological, economic, and social progress. The College strives for quality in training to instil a feeling of professional responsibility, social and cultural awareness, and to prepare students for leadership roles.