Institute Scholarship

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Freeship  schemes

The Institute has decided to offer Full Freeship and Half Freeship to the students belonging to poor economic background. To avail this scholarship, the students need to submit relevant documents relating to family income which are to be verified thoroughly before granting the free ship. Students, who are receiving Scholarship/Assistantship from other external funding agencies or under TFW scheme are not considered under this scholarship scheme

Institute UG Scholarship

The Institute offers a scholarship of Rs.60,000/- @ Rs.10,000/- per semester to the students who have studied their three years Diploma in Engineering in the institute.

Institute PG Scholarship

The Institute offers a scholarship of 20% on tuition fees i.e Rs.10000/- per semester is applicable to the external students who have scored DGPA of 7.0 and above in their last qualifying examination for pursuing M.Tech. Assistance ship of Rs.3000 per month will also be given to M.Tech students.
The Institute offers a scholarship of 20% of the tuition fees to any student who has completed a B.Tech programme from this institute and secures admission to M.Tech  program in the same institute. Assistance ship of Rs.3000 per month will also be given to M.Tech students.

Sikh Scholarship

The Sikh students of the Institute also receive financial assistance from Gurudwara who provide financial support to the Sikh students from economically poor family background. Students belong to Sikh community may apply for 50% free ship/scholarship on their tuition fees. 50% free ship/scholarship is provided only on tuition fees. The scholarship is only applicable from second semester.

Scholarship Scheme for the North East States

Scholarship of Rs.40, 000/- will be given for the Admission in  Lateral  Entry (B.Tech courses) for students from the North East Region. The details of the Scholarship policy are mentioned below:

  • Candidate must have valid Aadhaar Card.
  • Candidate must secure minimum requisite qualification for admission in B.Tech Lateral course.
  • Scholarship will be available @ Rs. 7000/- each for 3rd & 4th Semester in ( 2nd year ) and Rs. 6500/- each from 5th to 8th Semester ( 3rd & 4th Year) from the existing fees structure .
  • To continue availing the existing scholarship, the student must not have any year lag

Sibling Scholarship Scheme

Scholarship of 20% on the tuition fee will be given to the immediate sibling of existing and former students for B.Tech, M.Tech and MCA programs. Proof of relation is required to be submitted.

Employee Scholarship Scheme

This Scholarship Scheme is open to the children/immediate sibling of the permanent Employees working in any of the unit of the institute and on a regular payroll. The employee should have minimum 3 years of continuous work experience in the institute as of 30th June of the concerned Academic session. Scholarship will be available to only one child/immediate sibling of the employee.
The scholarship % will be as following:

Tenure of Service Scholarship %
3 years - 5 years 10% on Tuition fee
5 years - 10 years 15% on Tuition fee
10 years - 15 years 25% on Tuition fee
15 years+ 40% on Tuition fee

Government Scholarship Schemes

Name of the scheme


AICTE – Swanath Scholarship Scheme- 2022 – 2021 AICTE – SWANATH SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME/
National Scholarship Portal
Prime Ministers Scholarship Scheme
swami vivekananda merit cum means scholarship scheme 2023-2024 SVMCM_MANUAL.pdf
Kanyasree Scheme
Aikasree Scholarship
West Bengal Freeship Scheme
Oasis Scholarship
Pragati And Saksham Scholarship

Private Scholarship Schemes

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Reliance Foundation Scholarship
Sitaram-Jindal Scholarship